WINNING: This Vegan Vendor Sold Out at Canada’s Largest Ribfest

by Sarah Von Alt|
September 13, 2017

Known for its plant-based takes on fast-food favorites, Globally Local replaces the cruel animal-based foods in the classic burger with delicious vegan ones. And the restaurant just sold out (as the very first vegan vendor) at Canada’s Largest Ribfest in Burlington, Ontario.
In an online post, Globally Local states:

We are humbled by the incredible support and excitement for the vegan revolution. This is the first time a vegan vendor has ever attended this event and we hope many more will join us next year!

This is far from the first time Globally Local has proved the popularity of vegan food. Just last year, the restaurant sold out of its famed burger (known as the Famous Burger) at the Ontario Ribfest!
The burger’s creator, John McInnes, rose to fame in 2016 with his McVegans food truck, which operates along with two brick-and-mortar locations and the world’s first-ever vegan 24-hour drive-thru, which opened in June.
In addition to the Famous Burger, the drive-thru menu includes vegan takes on iconic fast-food items: the Vegan Vopper (a spin on Burger King’s Whopper) and a Crispy Chikun sandwich made from seitan.
But you don’t have to move to Canada for a delicious vegan meal. From savory new options popping up at restaurants to the growing number of all-vegan eateries, the popularity of vegan eating continues to rise. For veg restaurants near you, click here.

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