What the Heck Is Seitan, Really?

Sarah Von Alt|
May 25, 2016

While tofu is widely recognized as one of the longest-standing meat alternatives, most people have no idea that seitan has just as much history.
Also known as wheat gluten, seitan first appeared during the sixth century as an ingredient in Asian cuisine and has been a common meat substitute for more than a thousand years.

But what is it?
Traditionally, seitan was the product of rinsing and cooking wheat dough to remove the starch, leaving a protein-dense substance that turned out to be an excellent meat alternative.
Today, you can buy ready-made seitan at the store, and a variety of brands, including Gardein, Tofurky, and Upton’s,
use it to create delicious mock meats.
In addition, you can buy “vital wheat gluten” at most natural food stores. This powder is easily transformed into a dense, delicious meat waiting to be added to your favorite recipes.
Seitan easily takes on the flavors of your favorite seasonings. It’s also protein-packed
(60 grams per cup!), cholesterol-free, and low-carb.
And to sweeten the deal, it’s super affordable and relatively easy to prepare!

Ready to give it a shot? Here are three delicious recipes that will have you saying, “Hail, Seitan!”
Seitan BBQ Ribs

Recipe here.
Seitan Negimaki

Recipe here.
Chicken Fried Seitan

Recipe here.

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