It’s Time We Put an End to the Dreaded “Grilled Vegetable Plate”

by Ari Solomon|
February 25, 2016

OK, here’s the deal. As vegans, we really, and I mean really, appreciate all that omnivores do to ensure we have things to eat.
Whether it’s grilling us a veggie burger at your barbeque, or leaving the butter out of the mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving, you’re always there for us.
There is, however, one thing we need to address: The Grilled Vegetable Plate.
You know exactly what we’re talking about: the overcooked and oily plate of carrots, squash, onions, and whatever other vegetables could be scrounged in the kitchen. You serve it to us at weddings, banquets, and other formal events. Thank you, but no. Hell
It’s time for The Grilled Vegetable Plate to die.
No one wants to eat that crap. We’re tired of stuffing our pockets and purses with Cliff Bars just to make it through the night. We want a real meal like the rest of you.
Luckily, there are tons of amazing, easy-to-prepare vegan dishes that will do the trick.
Here are five tips for creating a satisfying vegan meal:

• Make Veg Versions of Your Favorite Meals
From mac and cheese to BLTs, there are vegan versions of all your favorite foods. So pick a dish and get cooking! And don’t forget to experiment with the growing variety of dairy-free cheeses.

• Use Protein-Packed Plants
There are plenty of high-quality plant-based protein sources without the saturated fat, cholesterol, and cruelty of meat. Click here for a list of protein-packed vegan foods that are sure to please.

• Go International
Vegetarian dishes are common around the globe. Chow down on a savory bean and rice burrito, try a deep-fried falafel sandwich, or take your pick from an array of Indian dishes packed with potatoes, cauliflower,
eggplant, or chickpeas.

• Veggie Burgers Are Easy to Make and Super Filling
With the wide variety of delicious vegan burgers on the market, you’re sure to find something for everyone.

• Everyone Loves Pizza
When all else fails, anyone can get behind a delicious pizza. Be sure to try out some of the savory vegan meats on the market for a show-stopping
“meat lover’s” pizza!

For more tips and easy vegan recipes, click here.

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