Vegan Curious? Here Are 6 Things You Should Know

by Sarah Von Alt|
December 14, 2016

1. Being vegan is about reducing animal suffering.
Being vegan isn’t about being perfect; it’s about protecting animals from a lifetime of suffering. By choosing vegan foods, you’ll spare the lives of about 30 animals each year!

2. You don’t have to live on salads and tofu.
There are delicious vegan versions of all your favorite foods. For a list of tasty meat and dairy alternatives, click here.

3. Eating vegan protects the planet.
Animal agriculture produces more greenhouse gases than all forms of transportation in the world combined, making eating vegan one of the best ways to protect our planet.

4. It could save your life.
According to a large-scale study of 73,000 Americans, eating a vegetarian diet promotes longevity. Study participants who followed a plant-based diet had an early mortality rate 20 percent lower than study participants who consumed meat!

5. Vegan eating is affordable.
Some of the most affordable foods on the planet are vegan, including rice, beans, legumes, pasta, and all kinds of fruits and veggies. Here are a few tips for eating vegan on a budget.

6. It might be the best decision you ever make.
You’ll be so much happier knowing that you are contributing to a kinder, more compassionate world.

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