This Whole Foods in Manhattan Has a “Produce Butcher” and It’s Pretty Neat

by Sarah Von Alt|
March 2, 2017

Ever heard of a produce butcher? Well, that’s exactly what you’ll find at a new Whole Foods in Manhattan.
For a small fee, hungry customers can now have their fruits and veggies julienned, minced, diced, chopped, or sliced, eliminating prep time for meals.

Modern Farmer

Whole Foods’ newest outpost, near Bryant Park in Midtown Manhattan, opened on January 28th with something never seen before in a Whole Foods: a produce butcher. The idea is not too far off from, say, a seafood butcher: you pick out an item, and the butcher prepares it the way you’d like.

This new service not only makes meal prep easier; it’s also proof that “butcher” is being redefined to include healthy plant-based foods.
Around the world, we’re witnessing a revolution of plant-based butchers, including the famed Herbivorous Butcher in Minneapolis. Earlier this year, Time
even called vegan butcher a top new job in 2017 that will “shape our future.”
With the vast variety of mouthwatering vegan products available at grocers far and wide, there’s never been a better time to ditch cruel animal products.

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