This Restaurant Has an All-Vegan Seafood Tower… and It Sells Out Every Night

by Sarah Von Alt|
August 24, 2016

By now you may have heard about the famed “Seafood Tower” at Crossroads Kitchen, an all-vegan restaurant in Los Angeles.
While the tower spotlights vegan versions of several traditional seafood dishes, the star of the show is most certainly the Tempura Battered Lobster Mushrooms. With a natural seafood-like flavor, these make for the perfect lobster substitute. According to owner Tal Ronnen, they also served as inspiration for the tower itself.

“Our Seafood Tower spotlights some of the world’s most unique plant-based ingredients such as Lobster Mushrooms, Sea Beans, and Heart of Palm from Costa Rica, which is used for our Calamari,” explains the restaurant’s website.

Photo by Crossroads Kitchen

What all does the tower include? Everything you could possibly hope for and more!

  • Fresh Hearts of
    Palm Calamari
  • Casino-Style
    Shiitake Mushrooms
  • Artichoke Oyster
    Mushroom Rockefeller
  • Tempura Battered
    Lobster Mushrooms
  • Hearts of Palm
  • Smoked Carrot
    Lox With Kelp Caviar
  • Shiitake Oyster-Style

At $85 for four people, the seafood tower is a special occasion in itself and is guaranteed to be a fine dining experience like no other.
If you’re in Southern California and want to give it a try,
be sure to get there early — this dish sells out every night!

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