These 9 Things Will Make Every Vegan Say, “Been There”

by Sarah Von Alt|
September 23, 2016

1. When you get home from the grocery store and eat everything you literally just bought. 

Sometimes the goodies are just too good to resist!  2. When your roommate eats your last vegan chocolate chip cookie. 

You’re mad, but at the same time happy they’re eating vegan food. 
3. When the grocery store is sold out of almond milk. 

This stuff flies off the shelves. 
4. When they ask if you can just “pick the cheese out.” 

Ugh, no. 
5. When you run out of vegan ice cream and the store is closed. 

6. When you wait one day too long to eat that avocado. 

The struggle is real. 
7. When you show up to a family event and they promise food, but it’s salad. JUST SALAD! 

Like, thanks? 
8. When your grandmother thinks chicken broth is vegan. 

Sorry, Grandma! 
9. When the vegan meat is a little too realistic. 

This stuff is seriously realistic.

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