This Summer Camp Serves Delicious Vegan Food to Change-Making Teens and Adults

by Sarah Von Alt|
February 14, 2018

Every summer while countless kids are at science, sports, or dance camps, some ambitious teen activists gain training and support to make an even greater difference at Youth Empowered Action (YEA) Camp.

Since 2009, YEA Camp has offered weeklong overnight sessions for young social justice advocates on both coasts, with camps in California and Massachusetts. Now, in addition to its acclaimed teen camp, YEA is offering its first-ever camp experience for adults at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary in upstate New York! The camp’s website explains:

People are increasingly concerned about income inequality, health care, police brutality and mass incarceration, women’s rights and the #metoo movement, gun control, climate change, food justice and animal cruelty, and other social justice issues. Progressives are also gearing up for an important election year in 2018.

Yet, many people who have recently gotten engaged have little training or support to help them get more involved with these issues. Enter YEA Camp.

Because YEA Camp aims to model sustainability and compassion, all the food served is vegan.

Campers don’t have to be vegetarian to attend, but with a vegan chef as the camp cook, many are so impressed with the food that they go veg after camp!

Teen campers working on animal issues have gone on to volunteer or fundraise for Mercy For Animals, start school veg clubs, get vegan options in their cafeterias, and find other inspiring ways to make the world a more compassionate place. We’re sure the adult camp will prove just as valuable.

So what are you waiting for? Click here to learn more about the great work of YEA!

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