REVIEW: Kite Hill’s Artisan Almond Milk Yogurt

by Sarah Von Alt|
October 14, 2015

By now, you might have heard about Kite Hill—a relatively new company known for delicious nondairy cheeses, including a vegan cream cheese and ricotta, all made from nuts.
Now they’re taking it to the next level with an almond-based vegan yogurt.
According to their site, “Our almond milk yogurt is produced exclusively with local, top quality almonds that provide a smooth and delicate mouthfeel and flavor. The natural flavor of our almond milk is balanced with acidity produced by Probiotic cultures that are aged with the milk during production. Our yogurt is then churned to a silky texture and cup set with the simplest almond flavors intact.”
I picked up a cup of the vanilla variety this weekend to give it a try, and if the other flavors are anything like it, this new product is a winner!

Sold exclusively at Whole Foods Markets and available in plain,
vanilla, strawberry, peach, and blueberry flavors, this decadent yogurt is everything you want: rich, creamy, and flavorful, with the familiar tang found in dairy-based yogurt.
Great as a snack, with lunch, or when you just need a little treat, be sure to give these a try the next time you stop at your neighborhood Whole Foods.
The best part? This product is made without the egregious animal cruelty that goes into every cup of dairy-based yogurt.

Click here for a list of our favorite dairy-free foods!

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