Reddi-wip Just Announced Plans for a Vegan Whipped Cream

by Sarah Von Alt|
November 16, 2017

Pretty much everyone loves whipped cream but finding the dairy-free variety—while not impossible—isn’t always easy and usually requires a trip to Whole Foods or a health food store.

But times are quickly changing. Reddi-wip has just announced plans to release a nondairy whipped cream made from almond and coconut milk, citing the growing interest in plant-based, dairy-free foods!

Although a time frame for the release of the new product hasn’t been announced, given the brand’s wide distribution, the addition will undoubtedly make dairy-free eating easier than ever.

This news is yet another indication that dairy is on the way out. In fact, a report by Allied Market Research has projected that global sales of nondairy milk will reach $21.7 billion in the next six years, with North America leading the charge. Sales of almond milk are projected to be the fastest growing.

And it’s not just nondairy milk. Earlier this year, Coffee Mate released a vegan line of creamers, and several big-name ice cream brands launched dairy-free varieties, including Breyers, Halo Top, and Haagen Dazs. Even Ben & Jerry’s rolled out a few new vegan flavors.

With so many delicious alternatives, it’s now easier than ever to ditch dairy. Ready to get started? Click here for 17 vegan products that’ll make you forget all about dairy.

P.S. Reddi-wip currently offers a “nondairy” variety that isn’t dairy-free and contains sodium caseinate, a dairy protein. WHY????

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