Pardon a Turkey, Go Vegetarian This Thanksgiving!

by Sarah Von Alt|
November 12, 2014

Turkeys are sensitive, friendly, and intelligent creatures who are confined, mutilated, and brutally slaughtered for Thanksgiving meals. 
This year, take the pledge to “Pardon a Turkey” and we’ll send you a FREE Vegetarian Starter Guide, along with a bunch of tips and tricks to make celebrating a vegetarian holiday easy! 
 ‘I pledge to “pardon a turkey” and enjoy a delicious vegetarian Thanksgiving this year.’

You can establish a compassionate holiday tradition by leaving a lovable turkey off your menu and inspiring others to do the same, so please consider sharing this page with friends and family.
And be sure to check out our vegan holiday recipe guide, which includes printable recipes for stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, and pumpkin pie, as well as delicious prepared entrée suggestions from Field Roast, Gardein, and Tofurky.
(Photo: Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary)

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