Miley Cyrus Just Got a Vegan Tattoo. Here Are 15 More We Love.

by Sarah Von Alt|
July 12, 2017

Last weekend Miley Cyrus declared herself “Vegan for life” when she posted a photo to Instagram showing off her new vegan tattoo.
In case you missed it, Cyrus went vegan in 2014 out of love for her companion animals, including a pig and a blowfish. One night she went out to dinner where blowfish was on the menu. As she said in an interview with Jimmy Fallon, that’s when it clicked for her:

The reason that I started this was because I had a fish that was highly intelligent. He really knew who I was, he really got excited when I was home. One day I went to a sushi restaurant with a few of my friends and they were serving blowfish. And I thought, this is an intelligent animal.

But Miley’s is far from the only vegan tattoo. Check out these amazing works of art:

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