Is It Hard to Be Vegan?

by Sarah Von Alt|
November 12, 2014

It’s a question we hear all too often, and one that many of us asked in our pre-vegan days. So we caught up with MFA staffer Mikael Nielsen to get his perspective.
So… is it hard to be vegan? Here’s what Mikael had to say:

When I went vegetarian back in 1996, I sure thought it was going to be very hard to be vegan. And it did take me two years before I gave it a try.
Once I did though,
I realized it wasn’t so hard after all. Being vegan these days is even easier.
With vegan items found in most grocery stores and in many restaurants, we have more delicious plant-based choices than ever.
That being said, I never forget that it can be challenging at times to be vegan in a world that is not. It can be difficult to stand up for what we believe in when all around us we are bombarded with messaging that encourages us to do the opposite. But nothing feels as good as living your morals and values, which is why I am vegan.

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