Is a Vegan Diet Healthy?

by Sarah Von Alt|
February 5, 2015

Study after study has revealed what most of us already know: many of the top killers in the U.S. are directly related to what’s on our plates, and a vegan diet can prove helpful in preventing disease and increasing longevity.
Despite this, people will still often ask us whether a vegan diet is healthy. We sat down with MFA staffer Kyle Fujisawa to get his take.
So… is a vegan diet healthy? Here’s what Kyle had to say:

Since I’ve become vegan, I feel healthier than ever! It’s definitely made me more conscious and informed about my food choices, and has expanded my palate in ways I never thought possible.
After struggling with rising cholesterol levels as a meat eater, it was especially motivating to see my numbers go down after being on a vegan diet. I also have more energy than before.
I’m thriving on a vegan diet, and the greatest part? Just about every cuisine has healthy vegan options.
Whether it’s to protect your heart, lose weight, boost your energy, or increase your mental clarity, everyone can benefit from a vegan diet.

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