Here’s How to Meet Other Vegans (Near You)

by Sarah Von Alt|
September 1, 2017

Whether you’re new to vegan eating or a seasoned vegan in a new city, having a support system of like-minded friends is crucial to maintaining your happiness and, in some cases, your vegan lifestyle.
While vegans make up a small part of the population, there’s still a good chance you’ll find like-minded people in your area if you know where to look. With these simple steps, you’ll be meeting vegans near you in no time:

• Join or Start a Meetup Group

Meetup is a great way to meet new people, including vegans! Look for a vegan, vegetarian, or animal rights meetup in your town. If you don’t find one, consider starting your own—it’s easy! And don’t forget to check Eventbrite for vegan events.

• Visit a Farmed Animal Sanctuary
Look for a farmed animal sanctuary in your area where you can spend time with rescued animals. Not only is this a great way to meet other vegans; it’s a great way to connect with animals who will get to live out their lives in peace.
• Join an Online Community
Sure, it’s online, so it doesn’t really have to be in your area. But there are plenty of Facebook groups specific to regions or cities. These can help you find out about upcoming events in your area.

• Volunteer With Local Animal Charities
Attend local animal charities’ events, or consider lending your skills and volunteering your time. You’re pretty much guaranteed to meet other people who are passionate about protecting animals!

• Reach Out to Mercy For Animals’ Veg Support Team
Maybe you’re on the shy side or get anxious around new people. Consider reaching out to MFA’s veg support team with your questions about vegan eating. Just type your questions into the chat box in the bottom right corner—it’s like having your own personal vegan coach!
Want more? Here are some tips for new vegans who don’t know WTF they’re doing.

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