Famed Vegan Cheesemaker Unveils Brand-New Products Coming to Stores in 2018

by Sarah Von Alt|
September 22, 2017

Many vegans say cutting dairy is the hardest part about going vegan. But a recent surge in small craft creameries has made becoming vegan easier—and tastier—than ever.
Perhaps the most well-known is Miyoko’s Kitchen, founded by Miyoko Schinner, author of Artisan Vegan Cheese. Miyoko has made a name for herself with delicious nut-based nondairy cheese that easily rivals animal-based products. By mimicking dairy-industry methods of aging and culturing, Miyoko has crafted artisan cheese from blended nuts that everyone can enjoy.
Earlier this year, the company launched its cultured VeganButter at Trader Joe’s on the West Coast. And thanks to $6 million in funding from several investors, Miyoko’s Kitchen plans to expand even further. Foodie Daily explains:

The proceeds from the financing will be used to complete a new manufacturing facility in Petaluma, CA—which will provide capacity that is 30x the current level—as well as to support the significant growth expected in the coming years.

Miyoko’s Kitchen will launch several new products in 2018. The company announced in a Facebook post: “Three Cream Cheese flavors AND three Pub Cheese flavors are coming your way to retail stores early 2018! Advance sneak previews of all the flavors will be available on our online shop in the coming weeks.”
The new cream cheese flavors are classic, lox, and scallion, and the pub-style varieties are Chedda, Beer Garden Garlic and Chive, and Spicy Revolution. All these products are gluten-free.
Currently, Miyoko’s products ship nationwide and are available at select grocers, including Whole Foods Market, Trader Joe’s, Ralph’s, Wegmans, and countless natural food stores.

These new products will make veganism easier than ever—wonderful news for cows who suffer miserably at dairy factory farms. Click here for a list of our favorite vegan cheeses.

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