Chrissy Teigen Says the Impossible Burger Is “More Flavorful Than Meat”

by Sarah Von Alt|
March 2, 2018

By now, you’ve probably heard about the Impossible Burger. Known as the vegan burger that “bleeds,” this incredibly meaty burger is completely free of animal products, and in the last few months, it has taken the country by storm. The plant-based burger is now sold at over 250 restaurants in 18 states. It’s a complete game changer.

And it’s not just vegans who are in love with this revolutionary new burger. According to VegNews, model Chrissy Teigen recently shared her love of the Impossible Burger on The Ellen DeGeneres Show—after trying one at Ellen’s 60th birthday bash. Calling the burger “amazing,” Chrissy, who isn’t vegan, said it might be even more flavorful than a beef patty. Watch here:

As more people find out about the horrific conditions animals are subjected to at factory farms, they’re ditching meat in favor of healthier, plant-based alternatives like the Impossible Burger.

And in addition to being a delicious alternative to inherently cruel meat, the Impossible Burger is much better for the planet, using 75 percent less water and 95 percent less land. It also produces 87 percent less greenhouse gas than a beef burger.

Want to try this amazing burger for yourself? Impossible Foods has a web form that makes it easy to request the Impossible Burger at your favorite restaurant. Click here to learn more.

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