After 90 Years in Business, This Dairy Went Vegan. I Just Tasted Their New Milk.

by Ari Solomon|
October 10, 2017

Back in March, I read the incredibly inspiring story of a New York-based dairy farm that decided to shut its doors for good and reopen as a plant-based milk company. Elmhurst Dairy, which has been in business for nearly a century, is now entirely vegan and producing four nut-based milks: hazelnut, cashew, almond, and walnut.

I thought this would be a locally sold brand and didn’t put much thought into looking for it, since I live in Los Angeles. So imagine my surprise when I came across Elmhurst Dairy’s vegan milk in the refrigerated case at my neighborhood Gelson’s supermarket in Silver Lake!

I could only find three of the four varieties, so I bought them immediately because I wanted to taste them live on my podcast. And WOW!! These are definitely not your usual vegan milks. They’re super rich and creamy and have unique flavors.
Also, unlike many plant-based milks, they don’t have any added thickeners or emulsifiers. In fact, their ingredient lists boast all of four to five ingredients—and they’re all things you can actually pronounce. Here is what I thought of the three I bought:

• Almond Milk

OK, so this is going to be the thickest, creamiest almond milk you will ever taste in your life. It has just a hint of sweetness to it, thanks to the seven grams of cane sugar per serving. Also, look out for distinct vanilla notes. This would be excellent in a vegan latte or a bowl of your favorite granola.

• Walnut Milk

Wow. I’ve seriously never tasted anything like this before. This is not as creamy as the almond milk, but the flavor is the bomb. The walnuts lend a smokiness that’s unmistakable. Couple that with the flavor of maple sugar and YUM! My suggestion: Cook your oatmeal in this! It’s like autumn in a carton. Delicious!

• Hazelnut Milk

This is the mother lode! Think of this as liquid Nutella—rich and creamy with flavors of hazelnut and cocoa and just a bit of sweetness. I put this in my coffee (OMG!!) and in my cereal, and let’s be real… I drink it straight from the carton. You will not be sorry.

Can’t find Elmhurst in your local supermarket? Ask them to carry it! And for other delicious plant-based milks, check out this blog post.

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