9 Ways to Become the MacGyver of Vegan Food

by Sarah Von Alt|
February 27, 2015

1. Avocado in Place of Butter and Mayo

Use this creamy,
nutrient-rich fruit for baking! Recipe.

2. Applesauce as an Easy Egg Replacer

Applesauce works as a binding agent and is perfect for baking sweets! Recipe here.

3. Black Salt:
Perfect for an Egg-like Taste

Add this to your tofu scramble or quiche recipe for even more flavor!

4. Seasoning Packet +
Silken Tofu = Instant Dip

Try adding a premade seasoning packet to silken tofu or vegan sour cream for a delicious, easy-to-make dip. Our favorite is Simply Organic French Onion Dip.

5. Liquid Smoke for a Meaty Flavor

Perfect for making vegan bacon. Check out this recipe.

6. Crescent Rolls

The options are virtually endless.

7. Chickpeas for a Delicious Tuna Salad Spread

Recipe here.

8. Cashew Cream

It makes everything better. Recipe.

9. Nutritional Yeast for a Cheesy Flavor

Add to popcorn, casseroles, and more! Recipe.

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