8 Vegan Recipes That Prove Lentils Are Better Than Ground Beef

Sarah Von Alt|
April 7, 2016

1. Easy Lentil Meatballs

Yes, please! Recipe here.

2. Lentil Walnut Burgers 

Get the recipe.

3. Lentil and Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie 

This recipe is sure to impress!

4. Vegetarian Sloppy Joes With Lentils and Chickpeas 

YUM!! Recipe.

5. Lentil Bolognese 

Recipe here.

6. Spicy Barbecue Lentil Loaf 

A classic. Get the recipe.

7. Lentil Picadillo 

This hearty recipe is guaranteed to satisfy.

8. One Pot Red Lentil Chili 

Wow!! Recipe.

Click here for more delicious vegan recipes.

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