6 Reasons Bunnies Are Too Sweet to Eat

by Sarah Von Alt|
April 2, 2015

1. They’re smart

Rabbits can be taught to respond to their names,
and can even do simple tricks, just like the dogs many of us share our homes with.

2. They love their friends

Rabbits are social creatures who enjoy the company of other rabbits. And they love to groom each other!

3. They’re quick

When they run, rabbits can reach speeds of up to 30 miles an hour!

4. They see everything

Rabbits have excellent vision, and each of their eyes rotates
360 degrees. This means they can see behind them without turning their heads.

5. They experience joy

Rabbits will jump in the air, twist, and spin around when they’re happy. This move is known as a “binky.”

6. They feel pain and can suffer

Like other farmed animals, rabbits raised for meat are subjected to unbelievable cruelty and neglect. As many as 8 million rabbits are killed for food each year in the U.S.
The best thing we can do to protect rabbits, and other farmed animals, is simply to leave them off our plates.

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