5 Tips for Enjoying Your Next BBQ as a Vegan

Sarah Von Alt|
June 30, 2015

Whether you’re hosting your own barbecue or headed to a friend’s place, here are five tips that will help you have a great time and be an amazing advocate for animals.

#1. Call the Host in Advance

Let the host know that you’re vegan. Most hosts will be happy to provide a tasty veggie dish for you.

#2. Bring Something Delicious

It’s probably a good idea to bring something for the grill.
Try Beyond Meat’s Beast Burger, Field Roast’s Frankfurters, or any of the other delicious veggie burgers and dogs on the market.
Also consider bringing a side dish to share. Think potato salad, grilled veggie kabobs, or fresh fruit.

#3. Avoid Tricky Conversations

While you’re eating is probably the worst time to explain to someone why you’re vegan. If someone asks you a question about your diet, offer to speak to him or her afterwards.

#4. Consider Hosting

Hosting your own vegan barbecue can be a bit more work, but guarantees you’ll have plenty to eat! It’s also an amazing opportunity to show friends and family that you don’t need to eat animals to have a delicious barbecue!

#5. Have Fun!

Set a good example by having fun! Friends and family are much more likely to take veganism seriously when they see that you’re having a great time, and enjoying delicious food.

Click here for a list of mouthwatering vegan grilling recipes!

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