15 Signs You’re a Vegan at Heart (GIFs)

by Joe Loria|
April 7, 2016

1. Your dog was your best friend growing up.

2. Peanut butter and jelly NEVER gets old.

3. You donate to Mercy For Animals.

4. You root for animals trying to escape
from slaughterhouses.

5. You think hummus is a food group.

6. When you drive past a farm and see cows, you just want to play with them.

7. Charlotte’s Web is one of your favorite books.

8. Your favorite part about being outside is seeing wildlife.

9. Watching undercover footage from factory farms makes you sick to your stomach.

10. You care about the environment and want to fight climate change.

11. Your friends and family know you as “the animal lover.”

12. Raw meat has always kind of grossed you out.

13. You happy cried at the end of Babe.

14. You love to try new and delicious foods.

15. You always order the veggie burger.

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