12 Things You’ll Understand If You’re Slightly Obsessed With Vegan Food

by Sarah Von Alt|
March 21, 2016

1. TFW your favorite restaurant adds a vegan option.

2. Discovering new vegan products like…

3. The first time you tried Daiya’s cheezecake was the best day of your life.

4. When you spot the veg section on the menu.

5. Instagram is just a place to look at vegan food, right?

6. When your roommate eats your last vegan chocolate chip cookie.

7. TFW your favorite vegan food blogger releases an amazing new cookbook.

8. When your friends bring over vegan goodies.

9. Two words: vegan donuts.

10. When you run out of vegan ice cream and the store is closed.

11. The vegan section at your local grocer = heaven on earth.

12. TFW your family cooks you a vegan meal.

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