11 Vegan Foods With More Calcium Than a Cup of Milk

by Sarah Von Alt|
June 1, 2016

Each glass of cow’s milk comes with an unimaginable amount of animal suffering. So ditch the dairy and include these calcium-rich plant-based foods in your diet:
• 1 cup fortified almond milk (450 mg)

Great on cereal or just by the glassful!

• Â½ cup tofu (434

Tofu is so versatile! Click here for a list of delicious tofu recipes!
• 3 cups raw kale (270 mg)

Kale salad, anyone?
• â…“ cup almond butter (434 mg)

Great in a sandwich or served with fruits and veggies!
• 1 cup oats (401 mg)

The perfect way to start the day!
• 1 cup fortified orange juice (300 mg)

Easy peasy.
• 1 cup soy yogurt (300 mg)

Great served with fruit, in parfaits, or straight from the container.

• 2 tablespoons unhulled sesame seeds
(280 mg)

Try adding these nutritious seeds to your favorite salad.

• 2 tablespoons blackstrap molasses (400 mg)

Great in smoothies or baked goods like bread and cookies.

• 1½ cups white beans (100 mg)

This all-purpose bean is great in soups or served with your favorite veggies.

• 1 cup fortified soy milk
(299 mg)

Great in coffee or any recipe that calls for milk!

For more plant-based health tips and recipe ideas, click here.

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