10 Relatives Every Vegan Encounters During the Holidays

by Joe Loria|
December 23, 2015

Heading home for the holidays? Prepare for the meatsplaining! But also remember to stay positive and know that you’re making a huge difference.

1. Your aunt who asks what you can eat.

Vegans can eat a lot of stuff, just not anything made with animal products. In fact, here’s a list of easy vegan holiday-inspired meals!

2. Your grandmother who thinks chicken broth is vegan.

When dealing with Grandma, take a deep breath and lovingly tell her that chicken is not a vegetable.

3. Your brother who thinks you stopped eating animal products because you secretly enjoy the attention.

No, we didn’t go vegan for the attention. We went vegan for the animals, the planet, and our health.

4. Your grandfather who thinks it’s funny to dangle slabs of meat in your face.

This is just rude. Like ew, no.

5. Your mother who’s slightly annoyed that you won’t try her homemade stuffing.

But Mom, you can easily make that stuffing without animal products. Let me show you.

6. Your curious older cousin who is five minutes away from going vegan but just needs that extra push.

Hey Cuz, did you make your New Year’s resolutions yet? How about going vegan in 2016? Here, check this out.

7. Your uncle who asks where you get your protein.

Can’t even.

8. Your sister who apologizes because you can’t eat the non-vegan dessert.
No need to apologize, I brought cookies and a pie that’ll put your dessert to shame.

9. Your father who thinks this is just a phase.

Speaking up for animals, wanting to protect the planet, and being healthy isn’t a phase—it’s my life.

10. Your little cousin who looks up to you and recently went vegan.
This is what makes it ALL worth it. What a great feeling to know you have an ally and have impacted someone’s life.

Dealing with your family around the holidays is hard, but being vegan doesn’t have to be. Click here to order your FREE Vegetarian Starter Guide.

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